transition with a touch of otherworldliness

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while taking a walk with his mobile’s earpiece, rupurt swatted an innocent male horsefly (though he later mistakenly identified it as a wasp) which was, at that moment of contact with the palm of his hand immediately preceding the swat, in precisely the same mental state as the person of whom rupert was talking was presently experiencing–abject boredom in the most significant moments of life. for you see, malbert was dying and the whole town knew about it.

it was a

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… tail onto a laughter that was a creature that no longer had one.


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… because, ‘life is practice for life’.

and that is the same reason you should always take the second easiest shot in billiards because every game is practice for future games. (warning: only when young. extremely inapplicable on verge of last game. ever dude, … ever, … like you’re gonna to die. sh-ee-z.)

sustainable development ?!

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she had the kind of mind which cycled in the same ideas and her mind had the kind of memory that always made them seem new.


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i happen to spend lots of time on airlines. my luggage happens to be lost. they say, somewhere in texas. if it’s not recovered in five days, they will tell me a number to call to file a claim. until then, the number exists, but is uncallable.

there is another idea that exists, that is very obvious but unimplemented and also has to do with airlines. there is one thing. just one item, that costs less than but would be appreciated more than the pretzels and peanuts they do give out, and that is a stick of gum.

dentists have already begun introducing massaging chairs and i enjoyed my last visit.

craigslist free list should carry the motto, ‘inherit from the people’ and aviator was a great movie.