Pleasure clove

June 20th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

a cleft is what’s left when you’re through getting cloved.

no means to call for sympathy

October 16th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

i was riding a bike through traffic
when my cell phone flew from my pocket
a car smashed it into many little pieces.
i picked most of them up
except for the very little ones
because more cars were on their way.

transition with a touch of otherworldliness

January 16th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

while taking a walk with his mobile’s earpiece, rupurt swatted an innocent male horsefly (though he later mistakenly identified it as a wasp) which was, at that moment of contact with the palm of his hand immediately preceding the swat, in precisely the same mental state as the person of whom rupert was talking was presently experiencing–abject boredom in the most significant moments of life. for you see, malbert was dying and the whole town knew about it.

it was a

January 16th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

… tail onto a laughter that was a creature that no longer had one.


January 16th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

… because, ‘life is practice for life’.

and that is the same reason you should always take the second easiest shot in billiards because every game is practice for future games. (warning: only when young. extremely inapplicable on verge of last game. ever dude, … ever, … like you’re gonna to die. sh-ee-z.)

sustainable development ?!

January 16th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

she had the kind of mind which cycled in the same ideas and her mind had the kind of memory that always made them seem new.

best selling bumper sticker

November 7th, 2004 § 0 comments § permalink

git out the epicenter if you ain’t ready to get quaked.

the crux of justified absurdity

October 19th, 2004 § 0 comments § permalink

when people are laughing at you while laughing with you and laughing with you while laughing at you and one slightly outweighs the other, this is the crux of justified absurdity.

the reason i type in lower case

May 21st, 2004 § 0 comments § permalink

fighting against autocorrect is my stylistic handycap.

explanation of previous post

May 21st, 2004 § 0 comments § permalink

i only feel good when i have good ideas.

i shy away from or act uncomfortably in social situations when i don’t have them.

i feel like i have nothing to give.

this thesis the amount of time i spend on it at the expense of other pursuits belies me in a bed of not good ideas.

the feedback from my previous essays has me feeling i have nothing to write.

today i displaced my own ideas by fresh acquaintances, good ones at that, people i will stay in touch with.

and also, today i showed my roommate my blog, which is the explanation of the previous post and comments.