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November 21st, 2003 § 0 comments § permalink

an eloquent girl provided the closing argument to a spontaneous performance by her prenubile troupe. though i’m not clear on what she said, the whole flock scurried away quickly and not without a fuss when i expressed an intention to “hand these videos over to the authorities.”

Young Girls Smoking in Christ’s Pieces, Cambridge, UK from Peretz Partensky on Vimeo.

Coincidentally, these 12 year old girls are 18 now and of legal age, so I feel it’s ok to post this video. I took it in on a stroll in the park in Cambridge, UK with my friend Dana in 2004.

“Cause I want to smoke”

Dana – “Is smoking Cool?”

“Yeah! Yeah!”

“I’m high, so high.”

“Do these look like chocolate cigarettes?”