Functional Thinking

November 26th, 2003 § 0 comments

is there any precedent for a dynamic, function based law? for example, what if the discussions about retirement age resulted in a functionally encapsulated principle, (encapsulating the reasoning that lead to it) say:

    retirement age = 80% of life expectancy modulated slightly by the needs of the job market as represented by some other metric, and some vague proportionality of the present social security coffers.

or another example:

    suggested jail time for given offense = some coefficient proportional to the severity of the crime, inversely proportional to the population behind bars for this offence to a lesser coefficient, and inversely proportional to the population behind bars in general for any crime to an even lesser coefficient.

it seems that such logically, dynamically phrased solutions (except the social security, that was me being facetious) may cast the inevitable reconsideration of laws farther into future.

there is also a strange futuristic appeal to the idea of jail time market speculation, and people buying derivatives on retirement ages, etc. that such formulations may lead to.

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