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… because, ‘life is practice for life’.

and that is the same reason you should always take the second easiest shot in billiards because every game is practice for future games. (warning: only when young. extremely inapplicable on verge of last game. ever dude, … ever, … like you’re gonna to die. sh-ee-z.)

sustainable development ?!

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she had the kind of mind which cycled in the same ideas and her mind had the kind of memory that always made them seem new.


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i happen to spend lots of time on airlines. my luggage happens to be lost. they say, somewhere in texas. if it’s not recovered in five days, they will tell me a number to call to file a claim. until then, the number exists, but is uncallable.

there is another idea that exists, that is very obvious but unimplemented and also has to do with airlines. there is one thing. just one item, that costs less than but would be appreciated more than the pretzels and peanuts they do give out, and that is a stick of gum.

dentists have already begun introducing massaging chairs and i enjoyed my last visit.

craigslist free list should carry the motto, ‘inherit from the people’ and aviator was a great movie.

drive-through voting

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as high as voter turnouts were, it is still a pain to go and vote and the process could be simplified.

i propose drive-through voting, as this would not require a new infrastructure. to start with a reasonable suggestion, let’s consider atm’s. banks could be legally required to offer voting services if the customer requests it. with an upload of your voter registration at your request, voting can be made into an easy atm transaction. identity and data verification is something banks do anyway.

a harder case to make, but one that would yield yet higher turnout, is for a fast food drive-through. admittedly, the line at my local mcdonald’s occasionally exceeds that at my polling station, but at least you can get “fries with that.”

best selling bumper sticker

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git out the epicenter if you ain’t ready to get quaked.

the crux of justified absurdity

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when people are laughing at you while laughing with you and laughing with you while laughing at you and one slightly outweighs the other, this is the crux of justified absurdity.


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… i was woken by a head sticking through the bedroom window asking for “mike” who i said “does not live here” and had to assure the caller i was “certain”. he persisted scratching at the screen, this time in the workroom, all through (my) breakfast, repeatedly asking for mike. (for a time, i was concerned but soon realized he was harmless. and anyway,) at some point he gave up, cursed mike for misinforming him, and himself for not remembering the address properly, and the world for not being upside down, (as he was on its bottom rung appartently), and dissapared.

lost wallet

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i have lost my wallet and all of its contents. the process is inconvenient: call the credit card companies, the bank, get a new id from shool, go through the process of getting it coded, a new license, and a new insurance card; then moan about the cash, receipts, and the wallet itself. so, for the new wallet i started today, i decided to try a little experiment. inside of the wallet, i prominently wrote:

Thank you for finding my wallet!

1. keep the cash, you’ve earned it.
2. give me a call (###) ### – ####
3. collect your reward of 50$

how will the wallet “finding” contingent respond to this?

on another note, craigslist should have a lost/found board.

the reason i type in lower case

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fighting against autocorrect is my stylistic handycap.

explanation of previous post

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i only feel good when i have good ideas.

i shy away from or act uncomfortably in social situations when i don’t have them.

i feel like i have nothing to give.

this thesis the amount of time i spend on it at the expense of other pursuits belies me in a bed of not good ideas.

the feedback from my previous essays has me feeling i have nothing to write.

today i displaced my own ideas by fresh acquaintances, good ones at that, people i will stay in touch with.

and also, today i showed my roommate my blog, which is the explanation of the previous post and comments.